The information found in this privacy policy is put forth to help our users and visitors see how we use, collect, disseminate and safeguard the data that you give us while using our website, iPhone app, Smartphone app and services. Your information will not be used except as put forth in this privacy policy. This policy is not applicable to information that is collected in other ways, such as offline. By using our pages/serivces, your consent is expressly given to the activities and practices that are outlined in our privacy policy. 

1. Data We Collect 
We may gather any of the following data: 

a. User Given Information. Users may give us certain personally identifiable information when they register for our services or contact us through the services that we offer. This includes things such as first and last names, phone numbers, mailing address, tax information, social information, financial information, credit card information, PayPal account information and e-mail address -- collectively called Personally Identifiable Information (PII). You may also decide to give us PII in other situations during the course of using our services. 

b. Cookies. When you visit our website, we may send one or several cookies. These are small files that contain a string of letters and numbers. These identify your web browser. Users can set their browsers to refuse cookies, but this may reduce the functionality of our site and the service that we can offer you. 

c. Log Files. Each time you visit a website, log file information is reported by the web browser on your computer. When you decide to use the service, our computers will automatically gather certain data that your browser sends when you visit an Internet page. These logs may have data such as the IP address associated with your use, the type of browser that is used, the language of use, number of clicks, pages viewed, domain names of visited websites, the order of pages visited, the date and time of visits and the amount of time that is spent on individual websites. 

d. Clear Gifs. When you use our service, we may opt to use clear gifs. These are web beacons which are used to track the Internet usage patterns of users in an anonymous fashion. We may also rely on clear gifs in e-mails that are sent to clients. These clear gifs are used to see which e-mails are actually opened by the recipients. We use the information collected from clear gifs to make our service better, improve marketing campaigns and enable accurate recording. 

Information that is collected through cookies, log file and clear gifs is for the most part non-personally identifiable information because the data is neither or collected or utilized in a way that the end user can be identified. We may collect both personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information. 

e. Third party information. Sometimes, we may gather information from a third party such as Facebook Connect or other social media sites. You authorize us to share data about you. If you decide to use Facebook Connect with our service, you agree that our service may use the information about you that is provided by Facebook. This information may include any of the following: your name, gender, birth date, current city of residence, profile picture URL, e-mail address and any other information. By using our service, you are specifically granting us the right to access and use this information. 

The third party support services that you may use on our site or service may also collect information about you in the manner that has been outlined above. Third party services are often used while on the pages of our website or using our iPhone app. Google Analytics is just one of the third party providers that collect information. This information is not given to us and is ruled by the privacy policy of the individual service that collects your information. 

2. Use of Your Information. 
The information that we collect is used to maintain, operate and provide users with the service, website, Smartphone app and iPhone app that we offer. 

We may use your PII for billing purposes, administrative purposes, and payment purposes and for customer service. By using our service, you agree that we can use your e-mail address to send you information about our site and service. 

We may also use the information that is collected to: (a) remember you during current and subsequent visits; (b) provide personalised content and information; (c) monitor our advertising and marketing campaigns; (d) monitor metrics such as visitors and traffic time; (e) track user content and the status of any promotions, contests or sweepstakes; (f) diagnose and resolve technology problems; (g) access your user information after signing in; (h) market our site and services to advertisers and third parties; (i) improve the design and appearance of our site and service and use your information to improve our pages; and (j) verify your information for payment and tax purposes. 

3. When We Disclose Your Information 
We may disclose or share your PII with others for the sole purpose of providing you with our services. If this is done, the third parties will also abide by the terms and conditions that are set forth in this privacy policy. We may also store information in databases or servers that are outside of the control of our service. 

Any information or content transmitted, uploaded or submitted to the public areas i.e. testimonial of our service is offered to the general public and can be used and collected by others. This information can be forwarded to other people and websites. You should understand that if your user content has PII such as your real name and e-mail address, then other users will be able to access this information. If your content includes a picture, this could be uploaded and made public as well. For this reason, users are advised against uploading images that they do not wish to be publicly available. 

If you decide to join any partners or affiliates of our site and service, you acknowledge that these firms may gather PII and non-PII for their own uses. This information can include names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other identifying information. 

Sometimes, we provide aggregate user information to third parties. This consists of non-PII that is used to help others understand our service. 

We may also provide user information if we are required by law to do so. This may be in compliance with a subpoena or search warrant or in response to a court order or law enforcement demand. Collected information may also be shared to prevent fraud and illegal activities that threaten the safety of our site and users. 

4. Third Party Service Providers 
Our service may be used with services that are given by third parties. Google is just one of the third parties that we work with. The information that is used by third parties is governed by the privacy policies of these providers. We cannot be held responsible for the way that third parties use your information. 

We may also allow third party advertisers to use and collect information from the website, service and iPhone app. These advertisers use servers and other technology to send items straight to your browser. These sites receive your IP address, and they may also use cookies and clear gif to further their advertising campaigns. We do not provide any PII to these advertisers. 

5. Choices 
You can update or change your PII any time. This can be done by sending us an e-mail or by contacting our customer service department. If you decide to delete or change information, we cannot guarantee that the data will be totally removed from all devices and websites. In addition, some of this information may have been transmitted to others and is irrecoverable. 

6. Data Security 
We have reasonable security procedures in place to protect your PII from theft, loss, misuse or alteration. We work hard to protect all of your information, but we cannot ensure the safety of all the information that is transmitted over the Internet. 

7. Children’s Privacy 
We are concerned about child privacy and do not collect PII about persons under 18. If you are under 18, do not submit any information to our service at any time or in any manner. 

8. Merger or Bankruptcy 
In the event of a sale, merger or bankruptcy, we have the right to transfer the information that we collect. 

9. Changes and Updates 
We maintain the right to change, remove or add portions to this privacy policy at any time. These changes will be effectively upon posting and your use is consent to our policy and current changes.

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